Onawa’s Waltz

Words and music: John Krumm.

Copyright © John Krumm. Recorded and published by permission of the author.

Parts: 3

Range: 16 half-steps

Difficulty: Medium.

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I’ve been waiting all the day long to see the stars in your eyes.

My love, come dance with me now; see how the evening flies.

And as you sleep, my dear, know that I’ll be near, to hold you when you arise.

Sheet music

You can download sheet music for “Onawa’s Waltz” (PDF) for free from John Krumm’s website.

Recordings elsewhere

Recorded by John Krumm: “Onawa’s Waltz,” on The Rounds of John Krumm. You can also listen to that track from the album for free on YouTube.

Recorded by The Rounds Galore and More Singers: “Onawa’s Waltz,” on Rounds Galore … and More, Volume 1.


Written for Onawa Pardini.