Gaudeamus Hodie

Words and music: Natalie Sleeth (1930–1992).

Copyright © 1972 by Carl Fischer, Inc.

All rights assigned to Carl Fischer, LLC.

All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Parts: 3

Range: 16 half-steps

Language: Latin.

Difficulty: Harder to learn.

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Gaudeamus, gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodie, hodie.

Gaudeamus, gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodie; gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodie.

Gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodie.

Literal English translation:

Let us rejoice today.

Sheet music

You can purchase copies of the sheet music from the Carl Fischer website.


Different versions of this song put the three parts in different orders. You can sing them in any order.

We’ve labeled this song as harder to learn because we’ve seen some people have a hard time learning songs with Latin lyrics that are essentially the same words in each part. (“Dona Nobis” has similar issues, but singers are more often already familiar with that.)