Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts

by Joanna Russ

Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts is a brief collection of feminist essays by Joanna Russ, most of them related to sexual fantasies and pornography.

Sexual fantasy materials are like icebergs; the one-tenth that shows above the surface is no reliable indicator of the size or significance of the whole thing.

Includes Russ’s autobiographical essay about figuring out that she was a lesbian (“Not for Years, but for Decades”), Russ’s influential discussion of Star Trek slash fiction (“Pornography by Women for Women, with Love”), and four other essays.

The point is not to argue about which oppression is more important or which came first […] but to find how they interact right now.

Most of these essays were individually published in feminist magazines in the early 1980s. This ebook is a reprint of the 1985 book that brought the essays together.

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Full contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Not for Years but for Decades
  3. Power and Helplessness in the Women's Movement
  4. Being Against Pornography
  5. News from the Front
  6. Pornography by Women for Women, with Love
  7. Pornography and the Doubleness of Sex for Women

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